Deals in table view can be subjected to bulk action. Bulk actions let you perform a certain action on multiple deals. 

i. On the Table View of deals, select the checkbox right before Name
ii. A banner above will ask if you want to Select All Deals. Click on the link to select all deals. 
iii. Once selected, go to Bulk Actions on the right side of the screen. From the drop-down menu, you can select the action you want to perform in one shot. 

The types of actions that you can perform on a large number of selected deals:

Add Tag: adds a tag for all selected deals

Delete Tag: deletes a tag from all selected deals

Export as CSV: exports deals information with all the selected fields into a .CSV file

Change Owner: allows users to change the owner name for the deals selected

Execute Workflow: allows users to add the selected deals into a workflow

Update Fields: adds new fields into the deals information

Delete: deletes all selected deals
bulk action on deals