For the reseller account, The $749 is an annual fee to enable the reseller access for your account which allows you to white label your clients accounts by removing our branding from their accounts, adding your own branding, to assign the licenses you purchase from us to the respective client account and also manage their accounts on their behalf. It does not include any subscription and you would need to purchase the subscription for your account based on which plan suits your needs.
The cost would be the same as on our pricing page. You can purchase the license based on which plan the client would need; all our pricing is per user. So if a client wants to have 5 users on the All in One Growth plan for instance, you would need to assign 5 licenses of the All In one Growth plan to them which you could purchase for $64.99x5 = $324.95 per month. If you want to purchase it for a year, it would cost $59.79x12 =$717.48 and for 2 years, it would cost $55.24x24 =$1325.76
The above price is what you would pay to purchase the licenses from us and you can charge your clients based on what you feel feasible, no restrictions from our side on that.