While creating workflow automation, you can specify the event’s condition to make sure your action is only triggered when an event meets those specific conditions. 

Here are the different actions under the CRM & Sales tab of the automation builder:

Delay: delay for a certain amount of time

Scheduler: schedule an action 

Add New Deal: add a new deal to a contact

Add New Task: add a new task

Add New Event: add a new event

Add New Note: add a note to a deal

Update Deal Owner: automatically updates the deal owner

Update Deal Value: when you want to update a deal value

Add a Tag to Deal: when you want to add a tag 

Remove a Tag from Deal: when you want to remove a tag from a deal

Assign Owner: assign deals equally among the selected users

Set Property: set or delete property to a deal

Add to Workflow: enroll in another workflow

Close Task: close task associated with the contact which has the owner as

Update Deal Milestone: when you want to change the milestone of a deal

Send Email: send an email to a contact or a deal

Send SMS: send an SMS to a selected contact at a predefined time

Here are the different set of conditions under the CRM & Sales tab that triggers an action: 

Deal has tag: If the deal has a tag

Deal has owner: if the deal has an owner

Has Deal: if contact has a deal

Has Task: if an owner/sales rep has a task 

Company has custom field: if the company has a custom field

Has completed automation: if the deal has completed automation