Doing all tasks manually can be repetitive and time-consuming. Besides, it can take away the focus from the primary goal of closing more deals. Using EngageBay, you can automate your sales process — right from lead generation to closing a deal. 

In your EngageBay account, you can automate different stages in the customer lifecycle. Some of the sales activities that you can automate include: 

Automate Lead Assignment

When a new lead is generated and added to the pipeline, we assign them a sales rep. You can automate lead assignments when a new deal is created or a milestone is changed. This enables equal distribution of leads amongst your sales reps, giving them an opportunity to interact with those leads without wasting time on any other activity. 

Automate Follow-up Tasks

You can create a workflow for dealing with a huge number of leads with the same type of content. For instance, you can automate sending welcome emails when an event is created. 

Automate Communication With Leads and Prospects

Let’s say, a user has signed up for a trial period. So instead of manually sending them a series of emails at regular intervals, you can automate this task and create an email sequence to be sent on a predefined schedule.