Support your customers with EngageBay

Customers will need to contact your company often with queries about your products or services. When your customers contact your company, you want to make sure that you're managing their query and replying to them in a timely manner. Below, you can learn more about setting up live chat, creating support tickets to track customer queries and managing a knowledge base to help your customers self-serve.

Manage support tickets from your customers

When a customer has a support query, you can create a ticket record, log interactions related to the ticket, and track the ticket through pipeline statuses. Once created, any EngageBay activities related to the ticket will be logged on the ticket record. You can manually create individual tickets from your tickets index page, a contact record or from the live chat.

Create a knowledge base to help your customers self-serve

A knowledge base is an online library of how-to guides, reference docs, and troubleshooting steps for your customers. A knowledge base can help your customers resolve issues independently and deflect queries from your support team. You can customize your knowledge base's appearance