Automation is an event-triggered system that automates feature coordination. It has predefined events that connect to a series of actions and/or conditions based on the business requirement. 

EngageBay allows you to trigger automation when a certain action or condition is performed by a user. You can further associate that trigger with another action. 

Here are the series of events that can be triggered by an action done by a user, related to Sales:

Deal Track Changes: triggers when a deal track changes;

Deal Milestone Changes: triggers when a deal milestone is changed;

Deal Created: triggers when a new deal is created;

Tag added to Company: triggers when a tag is added to a company name;

Event Created: triggers when an event is created;

Appointment Scheduled: triggers when someone books an appointment;

Task Added: triggers when a task is added;

Task Status Change: triggers when the task status is changed;

Tag Added: triggers when a tag is added to a deal;

Tag Removed: triggers when a tag is removed from a deal;

Deal Updated: triggers when a deal is updated.