EngageBay workflow is a series of Actions or Conditions or a combination of both that can be triggered by execution. 


The difference between automation and workflow is that the workflow doesn’t have a trigger event. It has to be started manually by execution. 

  1. Go to the Sales dashboard. 
  2. Click on the three dots (...) right next to Calendar. 
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Workflows. 
  4. In the upper right corner, click Create Workflows. 
  5. Set a unique name for your workflow. Press Continue. 

You can then start adding the Action or Condition from the list to your workflow.


Action and Conditions nodes that can be used in Automations / Workflows

Actions are a series of processes that a deal or a contact proceeds through once they enter your automation. As the predefined conditions are satisfied, the action is executed. 

You can use actions to establish both internal and external communication. For instance, you can set actions to communicate with your leads via SMS or emails. You can even use actions to update a deal owner, change deal milestones, and much more. 

Let’s look at each of these and actions and conditions in our automation builder. 


Actions under Contact:


Add to sequence: Add a contact to a sequence

Remove from sequence: Remove a contact from a sequence

Add tag: Add a tag to a contact

Remove tag: Remove a tag from a record

Delay: Delay for a certain amount of time 

Wait till: Wait until the following condition is met

Scheduler: Execute an action on a certain date and time

Set property: Set or delete property to a contact

Add to list: Add a contact to a list

Remove from list: Remove contact from a list

Add to form: Add a contact to a list

Remove to form: Remove a contact from a list

Send email: Send an automated email to the contact based on certain conditions

Add score: Add value to a contact based on an action

Star rating: Give a star rating to a contact — bad, poor, average, great, & excellent

Update contact status: Add a confirmed or unconfirmed status to contact for sending emails

Send push notification: Send push notification to the contact

Send SMS: Send SMS to a contact

Voice call: Make a voice call to a contact

Add new note: Add a new note to the contact

Assign owner: Assign deals equally among the selected users

Add to workflow: Enroll in another workflow

Remove from workflow: Remove the contact from a workflow

Remove from automation: Remove the contact from an automation condition

Custom field: If the contact has a certain custom field

Tag: If the contact has a tag

A/B testing: Run an A/B test


Conditions under Contact:


Has opened email: If the contact has opened the email within the predefined timeline

Has clicked on a link: If the contact has clicked on a link within the predefined timeline

Has call log: If a call has been made within a certain time frame

Check SMS status: If the SMS sent was delivered or failed

Exists in workflow: If a contact is in a certain workflow

Has event: When the subscriber has an event as described

Has completed workflow: If a contact has completed a workflow

Has completed automation: If a contact has completed an automation

Has subscriber replied: If a subscriber has replied within the predefined timeline

Has URL visited: If the contact has visited a URL within the predefined timeline

Has completed broadcast: If a contact has completed the broadcast

Contact score is: If a contact score reaches a certain condition and value

Contact source is: When a contact is added from a specific source

Contact has owner: When  a contact has a specific owner as mentioned


Actions under CRM & Sales:


Delay: Delay for a certain amount of time

Scheduler: Schedule an action 

Add New Deal: Add a new deal to a contact

Add New Task: Add a new task

Add New Event: Add a new event

Add New Note: Add a note to a deal

Update Deal Owner: Automatically updates the deal owner

Update Deal Value: When you want to update a deal value

Add a Tag to Deal: When you want to add a tag to a deal

Remove a Tag from Deal: When you want to remove a tag from a deal

Assign Owner: Assign deals equally among the selected users

Set Property: Set or delete property to a deal

Add to Workflow: Enroll in another workflow

Close Task: Close task associated with the contact which has the owner as

Update Deal Milestone: When you want to change the milestone of a deal

Send Email: Send an email to a contact or a deal

Send SMS: Send an SMS to a selected contact at a predefined time


Conditions under CRM & Sales:


Deal has tag: If the deal has a tag

Deal has owner: If the deal has an owner/assigned sales rep 

Has Deal: If a contact has a deal

Has Task: If a contact associated with the deal has a task 

Company has custom field: If the company has a custom field

Has completed automation: If the deal has completed an automation


A few automations that can you execute on the sales module

Doing all tasks manually can be repetitive and time-consuming. Besides, it can take away the focus from the primary goal of closing more deals. Using EngageBay, you can automate your sales process — right from lead generation to closing a deal. 

In your EngageBay account, you can automate different stages in the customer lifecycle. Some of the sales activities that you can automate include: 

Automate Lead Assignment

When a new lead is generated and added to the pipeline, we assign them a sales rep. You can automate lead assignments when a new deal is created or a milestone is changed. This enables equal distribution of leads amongst your sales reps, allowing them to interact with those leads without wasting time on any other activity. 

Automate Follow-up Tasks

You can create a workflow for dealing with a huge number of leads with the same type of content. For instance, you can automate sending welcome emails when an event is created. 

Automate Communication With Leads and Prospects

Let’s say, a user has signed up for a trial period. So instead of manually sending them a series of emails at regular intervals, you can automate this task and create an email sequence to be sent on a predefined schedule.


Actions on Workflows:

Edit: To edit the automation, please click the 3 dots to the right of the automation and select Edit

Duplicate: To duplicate the automation, please click the 3 dots to the right of the automation and select Duplicate

Share: To share the automation, please click the 3 dots to the right of the automation and select Share. It will ask you to enter the email address of the user, please enter it and the automation will be added to the account of that user. 

Note: You can share it with the users of other EngageBay accounts only.

Activities: It shows the activities that are performed by the user on the automation. To view the activities, please click the 3 dots to the right of the automation and select Activities

Delete: To delete the automation, please click the 3 dots to the right of the automation and select Delete



With EngageBay's workflow, you will be able to strategically implement automation, design more clear and organized business procedures, and massively boost your company’s ROI.