Social media has become a massive part of brand marketing strategy. And managing multiple accounts can be pretty overwhelming. Scheduling posts and analyzing social media insights is now a must for any content strategy. 

EngageBay's social media management tool, also referred to as the Social Suite comes as an in-built marketing feature that helps you streamline and organize your social media.

With EngageBay's Social Suite, you can monitor all your social media accounts in one place. It removes the need to log in from various apps for different networks. Easily integrate your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with EngageBay and manage them easily.


To add your social media account:


1. Go to the Marketing dashboard. 

2. Click on three dots (...) and choose Social Suite. 

3. Click on Add Network and choose the network whose account you want to add. You can choose from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

4. It will redirect you to a new window where you will be asked to enter your log-in details. 

5. Once you have given the authorization, you can choose what part of the network you want to stream in EngageBay by clicking on Add Stream

For instance, if you have logged in to your Twitter account, you can choose to stream: home feed, retweets, sent, mentions, favorites, search, DM inbox, and DM outbox.


Scheduling posts on Social Media

EngageBay’s Social Suite allows you to create and publish social posts to promote your landing page offers, case studies, or blog content on social media. 

Using the Social Media Scheduler, you can schedule posts to your social account. It is available for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

  1. Go to the Marketing dashboard. 
  2. Click on three dots (...) and choose Social Suite. 
  3. Choose Scheduler from the drop-down arrow right next to Social Suite in the upper left corner. 
  4. Under Queues, create your post and choose Add to Queue. Select the time you want to post, and it will automatically get posted at the scheduled date and time. 

View Configured Networks:

To view the configured networks, please click the arrow sign '˅' beside Add Network on the top right and select View Configured Networks. It lists all the configured networks. There are 3 options for each network

Refresh - To refresh the network
Settings - It is used to allow access to this network to other team members. Please click on the settings icon and select the users from the list to whom you want to give access to this network.
Delete - It is used to delete the network.


EngageBay's Social Suite makes social media management so much simpler. Create & publish content to social networks from the same place you build campaigns.